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• Day Trips are currently offered on a regular weekly basis Monday-Thursdays only (Please be advised that day trips are dependent on the weather/holiday boarding)

• $30.00 per day with pick up of your dog/dogs during the morning between 7:00 AM and 9:30 AM and drop off in the afternoon between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM on the same day...times can vary a little with traffic/weather/ holidays so thank you for your understanding!

• My guys and I operate best with you providing a hide a key, garage code, door code or allowing us to grab your pup from your yard if nobody is home. That way you can stay on your schedule and we can work through our routes in order. We work very hard to be as convenient for you as possible. Your pups will ride out to the farm for a day of playing with 50+ pups on a regular day!

• We do our best to post pictures and videos of your pups on our social media pages @sawneedogs

• $20.00 per day per additional dog from the same household

• We do have some days where we have to cancel last minute due to weather or mechanical issues...thank you for your patience as these days are hopefully few and far between.



• $50.00 per 24 hours boarding. We pick up & drop off same times as our Day Dogs. Your boarding dog will be dropped off in the afternoon of their last day.

• Overnight Boarding Pups spend the day playing out in our fenced in areas with all of the Day & Boarding pups. Once day pups head home the boarding dogs get the yard to themselves with Jake, my right hand man. Jake lives at the farm with his 4 dogs! Boarding Pups sleep in our 2500 sq foot barn best described as a converted horse barn. Each stall is roughly 12x12. The stalls sleep groups of pups who will be divided into groups based on size and energy level. The pups enjoy snuggling with their buddies on big blankets.

•  When we pick up pups for Overnight Boarding the ONLY thing we need is enough food/meds/ supplements for their stay. Please label food/meds/supplements in a disposable bag so that at the end of the pups stay we only have to return a tired and happy pup!

•  Personal beds/toys/belongings cause issues with our group philosophy as some pups get territorial over their own stuff from home. We have plenty of leashes in our trucks to use for transporting

BATHS: $25.00 per bath


• Sawnee Dog School is offering basic obedience training for puppies/dogs of all ages

• Initial training packages start at $850($85 per day) for a 10 day boarding/training session which includes 2 days with the owners to teach/train you as well.

• The tuition includes the training, boarding (usually $50 a night), 24 hour care and dog daycare ($30) plus plenty of socialization with our regular pups.

• We offer refresher courses if/when they join us for any future day trips or overnights.

• We structure packages based on the dogs/owners needs and also like to have an evaluation process with each dog


• Sit-stay until I release you.

• Down-stay until I release you.

• Place/bed/kennel-stay

• Recall (come on 30 foot long line leash).

• Loose Leash walking (no pulling).

• Wait at the door.

• Off “no jumping” .

• All types of socialization: dog to dog, sounds, new environments or whatever else your dog might have avoidance to or a fear of.

• Leave it command.

• Drop command.

Please let us know if we can set up a training program for you and your pup! 

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